KMT Event Group is a premiere event planning boutique providing a full range of planning, production, and design services. Named for Owner/ Designer Kia Matthews and her tween-age twin daughters (who love design and aspire to professionally plan events someday), KMT believes events are the ultimate celebration of life. A time to be present, in the moment, appreciating the beauty and importance of being together. We believe that every event is special, and we work with you to create an experience that fits your style and vision. Whether it be a wedding; the shared celebration of two souls intertwined; a birthday, the celebration of life, happiness, and the preciousness of this world, or another event, we are dedicated to creating a stress-free, interactive planning process, and a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

The Kmt Experience

If you couldn't tell by our self-proclaimed title, we're (cool) nerds. We've been known to proudly sport our "Winter is coming" apparel and correct strangers who mis-quote Game of Thrones lines, but there is a simple explanation why we which is why we love this epic so much! Khaleesi, our favorite character, inspires us as she embodies what it means to be a modern woman. Khaleesi teaches us to always lead, never follow, to empower one another, to uplift the underdogs, pick our battles, form strategic partnerships & not to be afraid to get a little dirty. We embrace our inner Khaleesi everyday by embracing unique designs, extending opportunities to up & coming artists, partnering with vendors who share our passion & values, and by never hesitating to go above and beyond our call of duty when necessary! We're often asked how we stay sane during the planning process & we proudly share Khaleesi's wisdom,  "Fire cannot kill a dragon." 

Khaleesis of Kmt


Kia is a Philadelphia native, who loves to experience life through travel, design, food, and champagne! 

After graduating with a Degree in Business Communications, Kia began her career as a Political Fundraiser. Raising money and awareness for life-altering issues bought great satisfaction, but it was through this process that she fell in love with the world of event planning & design. Intoxicated by the challenge of capturing & personifying her client's personalities to create truly one-of a kind experiences, Kia gravitated toward planning and designing weddings. She quickly realized that wedding planning was the perfect combination of her organizational skills and keen designer eye, and now uses her passion to create dream weddings for her KMT couples.

 Kia's passion for people & passion for events unite as one through the KMT Experience, empowering & connecting couples through the artful curation of ideas, dreams & logistics. 

Pisces. Details Queen. Mother. Maven. 



Amanda believes everything happens for a reason and that "finding KMT was nothing short of fate". Initially Amanda joined the  KMT team as an intern interested in learning more about marketing & business development, and "found her calling in event planning". "Weaving events together, piece by piece, selecting and directing the artists and vendors needed to execute our clients' vision to perfection, and watching them celebrate their love for each other and their families feels like true magic".  Upon graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Business, Amanda rose to leadership and continues to embody to The KMT Experience. "Our planning process is interactive- it's a cooperative. Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming and stressful experience. For the event to be amazing, and for the process to be enjoyable, our clients' depend on our timely communication, trust, and us working together as a team. No matter how small or how grand, each event should be an experience that astounds, and it is truly an honor to be chosen as their guide on their journey." Catch Amanda singing the lyrics to just about any song in the halls of KMT, eating as much Mexican food as she can tolerate, or vintage shopping on her days off. Amanda wants all of her clients to know that they're apart of the KMT family forever! 



Rachael kicked off her career planning fundraisers for a local charity when she was 13! From there, she went on to plan events that ranged from motivational speakers to sales conferences - even pro-am golf tournaments for the Jamaica Tourist Board! After planning her own wedding in 2017, she fell in love with all things wedding-related! Rachael is passionate about handling all the small (and sometimes complicated) aspects of wedding planning so her brides and grooms can have the most magical day of their lives. " It is so fulfilling to be able to give our clients the peace of mind & assurance they deserve so they can enjoy the benefits of their hard work, relax, and celebrate their new beginning with their favorite people". Aside from planning weddings, you can find Rachael watching her beloved Atlanta United soccer team, running local half marathons, or eating Scandinavian Swimmers candy- her guilty pleasure!


Dear KMT Family,

Did you know the T in KMT stands for Twins? Since we can remember, we've loved making things. We made dresses and built homes for our dolls, fixed our broken toys, and threw the best tea parties on our side of town. Now we help build backdrops, laminate details packets, fold napkins, and even help make flower arrangements. Our friends always ask us to help with their parties because we are Junior Event  Designers and they know KMT creates great events!

 Thank you for choosing KMT, we can't wait to work with you in the future!  

The Twins

Eva & Nya